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Frank Botello took a leap of faith in himself and achieved what many artists dream of doing. He abandoned the monotony of stability and threw himself into his art, determined to not only live for his art but through it. Through persistence and heart, dedication and passion, Botello ceased to succumb to a fear of failure and achieved his goal of becoming a fulltime artist. Botello, an Austin native, attended Texas State University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in art in 2007. The artist also minored in business, and having experience in both fields, he used both ends of the spectrum to use art as a manner of self-fulfillment and as a way to earn a living. His artwork has been in galleries throughout Central Texas and sold to collectors all over the world. Botello has been featured on PBS - KLRU Art Collective, has had his artwork in various Art publications, and Voted Austin Artist of the Month. Unfortunately he was hospitalized and diagnosed with Heart Failure in 2014. Although it is a long process the Artist has been trying to get back to creating new pieces, and when he can spends his time in a simple, unlit backyard shed which he uses as his studio. His studio space remains simple while his works are intricately created with fine detail and colors and patterns. His pieces are not only focused on aesthetics, but serve as a platform for ideas and concepts.

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